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Let Your Creativity
Work for You


Raleigh, NC

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San Diego, CA

Alberta, Canada

Washington DC

Charlotte, NC

Oklahoma City, OK

Baltimore, MD

Brooklyn, NY

Prescott, AZ

Lynchburg, VA

Durham, NC

Carrboro, NC

West Seneca, NY

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for Let Your Creativity Work for You

“Let Your Creativity Work for You will ignite your artistic mind and enrich your life. Don’t settle. Succeed!” — Jennifer Lee Tracy, author of Sincerely, The Mentor: A Journey of Perception

“In Let Your Creativity Work for You, Heather Allen shows enterprising artists how to stand out authentically, make a lasting impression through their artwork, and develop a successful business doing what they most love —art!” — A. Jason, author of Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

“Dear Artists: It’s time to have the art business you’ve always dreamed of! Use Heather Allen’s book as your guide and implement the strategies she teaches to take your creative enterprise to the next level.” — Luis Fuentes, author of Life Lessons from The Lantern

“I assign readings from Heather Allen’s book Let Your Creativity Work for You to my senior Art and Design studio majors in Senior Seminar. The format of the book is extremely accessible and credible to students whose strongest skill set is storytelling. Self-branding can be daunting but Heather Allen offers realistic scenarios and strategies.” — Kathleen Rieder, Assistant Professor in the College of Design at NC State University


How will you use your creativity for good?



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Let Your Creativity Work for You Philosophies

Whenever you show up, show up as your best self. (Learn more in Chapters 1 & 6)

Follow your strengths. And find the right teammates to help with the rest! (Learn more in Chapter 2)

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” — African Proverb (Learn more in Chapters 9 & 11)