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Why do You #LYCWFY? Creating Magic with Peter Bragino

Painter Peter Bragino Shares his #LYCWFY Story

No matter where the inspiration comes from, there’s something that compels creative people to pursue creative work. For some, it’s a magnetic force pulling you into the studio each day. For others, it’s an ingrained way of life that fills the spirit and gives to the world.

To learn what inspires people to live a creative life, I sent out a Call to Artists with the following ask:

“Why do You #LYCWFY (Let Your Creativity Work for You)?”

Here’s what artist & HAO subscriber Peter Bragino of Amityville, NY said:

One artist’s #LYCWFY story…

How does my creativity work for me? Is it working for me or am I working for my creativity? It’s kind of a conundrum since I feel, like most artists, the creative life chose me. The fact that most artists have to create is fairly prevalent. I mention this because sometimes I think it would be much easier to not have to create. To find peace and balance in doing more of nothing instead of always feeling the need to create something. It’s actually something I wrestle with more often than not.

Before being a full-time artist.

Before I was “making my living” as an artist I was much more carefree and casual about making art and how that integrated into my life. It was just something that I did when I wanted to, which was still often.

It came from a place of spontaneity instead of necessity. It’s become a little more complex than that now but I wouldn’t change it even though I don’t think I really have a choice anyway.

A magical element that makes it worthwhile.

So how does my creativity work for me? In general it works for me by providing a life of inspiration, incredibly imaginative friends to commune with and the ability to create magic in other peoples lives.

Magic is less appreciated and less encountered in this modern fast paced world where everything is already named and figured out for us. That’s how my creativity works because it helps me to show people that magic still exists, that it’s tangible, accessible, and important.


It helps me to show people that magic still exists, that it’s tangible, accessible, and important. — Peter Bragino


It’s that moment of swirling movement and spontaneous excitement that erupts within a person when you surprise them with a beautiful piece of art.

It reaches in and touches the child’s heart that lives within them and for a moment pulls them out of their heads and fully into the now.

It transports them into a world of wonder and puts them in touch with the unknown. That’s a special place.

It’s the place that only the imagination can bring us to.

A sense of creative purpose.

We, as artists, are the conduits between the Earthly realm and the realm of Mystery. We hold a very special key and the tools to make that connection.

That’s how creativity works for me.

That’s why I’m still here making art and creating magic…


Thank you to Peter Bragino for sharing your #LYCWFY story! For more information about Peter, visit www.bragino.com.


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