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Let Your Creativity Work for You

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Why do YOU #Let Your Creativity Work for You?

During my recent work-meets-pleasure trip to the Pacific Northwest, I posed this question to the creative do-gooders and unconventional professionals I met:

Why do you do what you do?

For the daring artist, forging ahead on a path of self-employment, the question then became:

Why do you let your creativity work for you?

It’s not an easy question to answer… And there may be more than one answer. But a group of women attending my book signing in Portland knew, and jotted down their responses immediately.

They shared what they wrote on the small cards I passed out, which sparked beautiful conversations on having faith in the creative journey, navigating the unknown solo while building community, and using creativity to inspire others.

So, what about you?

Why do you let your creativity work for you?

Join the conversation.

Share your self-motivation stories, struggles, ah-ha moments, personal development discoveries, community missions, and compelling desires that keep you going each day.

Who knows, your story may just inspire and serve others who want to pursue a creative life, business, and career on their own terms, too.

I’m collecting these stories to be shared in a new series called Why do you #LYCWFY?

If you have a story, experience, goal (big or small), or even a compelling personal mission to share about why you do the creative work you do, I want to hear from you! (And so would plenty of other creative people.)

Because the reason behind why you dare to do what you do matters.

It matters to you — it manifests in your work — and is possibly what keeps you going when you’re ready to give up…

But it also matters to countless others who are on a creative career path and are looking for their own motivating guidance, and might just be inspired by what you have to say.

How to share your story:

Print a #LYCWFY response card and put a face (or a shot of your art if you’re camera shy) to your “Why” in a shameless selfie using the #LYCWFY hashtag.

— OR —

Simply include the #LYCWFY hashtag in a post on Facebook.


This is where you’ll start to see these conversations happening:

Sharing your “why” story may have a bigger impact than you realize…

Join the #LYCWFY conversation today!

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